Saturday, August 22, 2009

Still thinking pink ...

Continuing on in the vein of pink thinking, in my image-Googling I happened upon these 1950's party dresses at Couture Allure, the wonderful blog companion to the on-line vintage clothing boutique.

(Yes, these lovelies -- and many other amazing things -- are for sale!)

So who's bringing the Hi-Fi records and the soda pop to my house? Don't forget your pearls, girls.


  1. Thanks for linking to my dresses! I love pink!

  2. I'll bring the soda and I have a really cool Frankie Avalon record! Twyla

  3. =^..^= I've got the new Ricky Nelson record we can listen to ... I already know it by heart. ::swoon::

    My mom's been baking all day, for the church bake sale. There are these nifty pink-frosted cupcakes they have jimmies and everything! And she says I can bring a whole plate of them!

    I'll be over as soon as I finish my homework. xxzu

  4. Wowzers gals, Frankie Avalon AND Ricky Nelson records AND pink frosted cupcakes AND soda (can we make it strawberry)?

    I'll have my teen dream magazines out so we can pore over them :).