Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seasonal affects.

I'm sitting here at 5:20 in the morning wondering why not a single soul is commenting on my "orange and pink!" post.

Really, I'm not tormented by it. I mean, I am loving it but maybe the Summer moment for this combo has truly passed and I ought to be well on my way to the rustic palette of Autumn by now. The magazines are, anyway.

Truth is, I don't want to let go of the long sunny days and the freedom of an unstructured few months. I am resisting the call of obligation, the inevitability of drab Winter coats, dirty boots, the dishevelment of snow and wind, the elements reclaiming my colorful world one more time around, damnit.

There is the brief twilight of Autumn to look forward to, this is true. The way the sun is angled for that brief month and a half, the dance and dazzle of the leaves, the nearly subterranean glow of the afternooon sunsets, gold and russety and gilded.

I'll enjoy that, but then it's on to the holidays which start too early (Christmas trees before Halloween?!) and last too long. With apologies to those who love this time of year, I am generally not a fan. I'm all excited at the beginning, but then it all limps to a trees-on-the-sidewalk ending by the New Year. To be followed by the never ending month of January. Valentine's Day punctuates February (quite possibly my favorite holiday), and then it's the soggy march through March. In these parts, it can still snow in April, which means snow on top of dirty snow. But at least it's pretty again, for a while.

Can you tell I'm already feeling the Winter blues? Anybody else feeling it? Am I bringing you down?

I'm sorry. I just have to prattle on about this. I'll live.


  1. Well, Laurie I'm happy to hear someone else enjoys summer as much as I do.
    All the bloggers are breathlessly waiting for Fall and I'm still loving summer.....we don't get snow or even much clod weather here in San Diego but I love the summer best anyway.

  2. I can sense indeed that you are not ready to say ce'st la vie to summer but sadly it is inevitable :( however, who says you can't wear these colors in the fall or winter? I think the pink and the orange are lovely and one can still pull off these colors especially the orange in the fall ;)

    I'm not particularly feeling the Winter blues just yet, but I think the change of seasons will hit me come daylight savings time! Now that gives me the reds, getting out of work at 5pm and it's dark :( that's when I realize how much I miss Summer...

  3. I'm a summer girl here! Maybe it's because I was born in July, but give me a good old hot, sunny day in summer anytime. Yes, I do believe it is the nonstructured feeling that you are on vacation, nothing matters quite as much, freedom that summer evokes. I am going to relish summer just as Long as I can! P. S. I loved your pink and orange post. Twyla