Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oui oui!

What a delightful ad! Paris, pinkness of all kinds, patisseries, perfume and a pretty girl. Oooh la la.

Monday, December 14, 2009

If you've been very good all year ...

... may your fondest wishes come true!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love SJP, love this ad!

Doris Day: 1955

Doris Day really did have some of the best clothes going in the 50's! I dig Doris.

Dah-ling, I-vanka wedding like this!

Take note: this is how a bride with a bazillion dollars should look on her wedding day. Are you as tired as I am of comely young celebrities sporting fishtail gowns and big rocks (and multiple crucifixes -- ack!) on what ought to be the one day in their lives they should look well and properly dressed?

In Ivanka Trump's case, clearly her father's taste was not handed down ... just the money. This will look as perfect in 50 years as it does today. And she apparently has a very good head on her shoulders. All the better!

I know, who cares about my opinion? I just happen to think I have excellent taste. And that's my opinion too, but it's the internet and everybody gets their five cents.


Pink on pink.

Bridesmaids in Pink Gowns and Headdresses at Luci Baines Johnson/Patrick Nugent Wedding.
photo: Bob Gomel

Red and white and roosters!

My new place is going to have a red and white kitchen, and that includes these Better Homes & Gardens rooster curtains, which I just purchased from walmart.com!
I ran the idea by my current roommate and let's just say she is SO not a rooster person. It's modern and earth tones for her (the antithesis of myself). She said "don't make the place so cute that people will run screaming from it".
Sage advice, perhaps. But the rooster curtains are staying.

Bluebirds of happiness.

Look at these lovelies! Shelley English china in Bluebird pattern.
Hard to find and pricey, but I'm just looking ... and look at how fabulous!

Postcard: 1904

"There is no music like the voice of those we love."

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pretty things, pretty things!

Some of my favorite things to look at: pretty shoes, pretty pastry.
From visual bookmarking service we heart it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

doG is God spelled backwards.

That Girl!

I saw Marlo Thomas on a TV talk show this week and she's still got that ingenue thing happening. Some people never seem to lose that youthful glow (though who can be sure how much of that is -- at the very least -- cosmecutical intervention?)

I have hazy memories of That Girl in (probably) syndication. She really stood out for me as a different kind of female character on TV. Even as a little girl, I knew that she was different, though I could not know then that she was quite modern for the times. A girl 'alone' in the city (though of course her boyfriend Ted was always there just in case). Looking back, I consider her the original Sex In The City girl (though you could argue that Doris Day had already locked that one in) ... in either case, there was definitely NO Sex happening in that city.

Although I have a terrible head for hats (too big), I am tickled by the whole hat and glove thing. Even in this era, to be well and properly dressed meant you had a hat and gloves. I like the crisp, simple elegance of that. Of course, you could also argue convincingly that she looked like a stewardess (in the days before they called them flight attendants), but what's so bad about looking like a stewardess? Nothing that I can see. It's sharp and on-the-ball. Gwyneth Paltrow demonstrated this quite ably in her all-too-ignored comedic flick "View From The Top", in which she goes from a spandex-clad, gum-chewing neophyte to a sophisticated professional in the course of less than two hours. And of course, in her final incarnation, she wore a hat.

Madame Alexander's version. Cute.

Do they even make paper dolls nowadays, or is it all just repros of old ones? Not that I don't love repro. I have a few Shirley Temple repro books and would love to have the Doris Day ones too. Did you ever notice that Bonnie Hunt has a Doris Day paper dolls book on her set?

That's so Bonnie. I adore Bonnie.

Love this!

I remember the distinctive plastic smell of a new Barbie case under the Christmas tree when I was young ... it was one of the most thrilling smells of the season.
This design would have been five to ten years before my time (I was a 70's kid) but I love the illustration, and I haven't seen too many cases in this blue color.
Check out that swinging babydoll dress! Psychedelic, kitty cat.
This post goes out to Twyla and Lindsey, my two favorite Barbie-crazy blogger gal pals.

More Ohio Art (more ebay window shopping).

I love silhouettes (and the little cameo silhouettes on the wall!)

Kittens ABC's

from a 1930's "Bo Peep" set

This would look great in my red and white kitchen.

art happy: John White Alexander

A Ray of Sunlight (The Cellist)

Woman Reclining in Black Dress

Althea Reading


Do you flickr?

I keep a flickr account under my name as well as my Daily Corgi "nom de plume".

Here is the one I have built first ... it's limited to a certain amount of photos before you have to buy a Pro account (I don't have one of those yet) but I have had fun putting stuff up there.

The first page or two is all Royal family with Corgis ... I really ought to put that over at the other account, but oh well.

Keep on paging through and you'll get to all of my fancy stuff.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

One last hurrah ...

... before I sign off of ebay (strictly window shopping) for the night ...

Ohio Art Toy Dishes

Blue Willow

Oh my, I have to pull myself away from ebay. Strictly window shopping, but I could do it for hours!

Beloved childhood toy -- found!

I must have been seven or eight when I got this set for Christmas. I KNEW my rooster fixation began somewhere early on! Forty bucks on ebay, plus $20 something for shipping.

If a hundred dollar bill happened to flutter in my direction ... $60 for this, $40 to charities to feed hungry people and pets.

God, are you listening? It's me, Margaret.


Isn't this just the sunniest little plaid you ever did see?

window shopping: ebay!

One of the most adorable Barbie cases I've ever seen. In fact, maybe the most adorable. I want it but at least if I post it here I can come back and look at it again and again ...
No shipping required!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pink, very pink.

Very pink.
Very feminine.
Very almost-over-the-top but not quite.

Yes, my bedroom will be styled like this. It's my version of the early-middle-age sportscar! (Cheaper and safer).


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Surprised kitten. Extreme cuteness warning!

Tulips and Corgis and pink (again).

I have a history of planning out rooms (down to the last detail) in my mind, even if I'm not going to live in them myself. I've "curated" the walls of a hundred rooms in my imagination, and this time it's mine to do in three dimensions!

Since it makes sense that I would want to look often at the things I love, I have selected a print of colortul tulips (an old seed packet, actually) and a delightful painting of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Not sure yet whether the first thing visitors will see on the wall across from the front door is the dog or the flowers, but either way it's OK. They are both expressions of who I am (or aspects of me, at any rate).

This awesome piece by Robert McClintock is apparently a hybrid between a digital photograph and a painting. No matter what it is, it works for me. I want a smiling Corgi in my house. I want the zest and attitude of that dog, even if I can't have one myself. Someday ...

Both of these are available at art.com. Don't you love art.com?

At this point, moving for me involves going through boxes of papers and magazines I set aside until "later", and later has arrived in earnest. I laid my hands on a wonderfully crisp copy of last August's (2008) Mary Engelbreit Home Companion, which by now seems like a totally new read to me. There is a lot of orange and peach in it. Reminds me of the orange-wedding post I did a short while back ... helped change my mind about orange. It's still girly but not as fey as pink can be.

Though I love pink and always will.

Do NOT try and separate me from my pink. My whole bedroom is going to be almost painfully pink. Tucked away at the far end of the apartment, it is going to be a true escape for me. Unapologetically, divinely pink. A shrine to pink, if you will.

I do worry that it will repel suitors, but I have a rare bottle of the coveted Love Potion Number 9 stashed away in a safe place, so not so much a worry.

Besides, in the dark who is looking at rosy curtains and a pink bookshelf?

Certainly not me.