Tuesday, August 25, 2009

blog happy: The Garden Of The Duchess

Love at first sight for me and The Garden of the Duchess!

If you're a fan of small woodland creatures, Beatrix Potter's world, bears, birds, mice, bees, flowers and fanciful telling of little stories and adventures, you might just like it too.

It's "twee", but I do twee!


  1. Hello...and so very very nice to meet you...we so enjoyed your visit to our garden...we did see you take shelter for the rain under the lilac bush...and there I believe you had a lovely chat with Mozes...he loves a surprise visit...its still raining to..but we don't mind..This is a sweet gentle rain...the end of summer is near..Please do visit us again..You are always welcome my dear...stay warm and stay happy...Greetings from all of us and a big bear hug from Mozes..;)

  2. Dear Dutchess,

    I have just discovered your other blog and MUST post about that one here too!

    I would love to use your header image but won't do so without your permission. Would you allow it?

    So much more loveliness to share there ...