Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A pink office: modern romance!

If you've been following Buttercup Bungalow for a while, no doubt you know that my tastes run towards the old fashioned, the classic and the pink. 

The very, very pink.


As I make my "blog rounds" and peruse (way too many) interiors magazines, I see a trend lately that intrigues me.  It's one I'm giving some serious thought to trying in my own home:  mixing some modern office furniture with the tried and the true. 

I first saw it in Domino a years back, and although it was seriously appealing, at the time I lacked the confidence to attempt it.

Campbell Designs LLC

In this workspace, the vaguely 60's shape of the chair and hot hue are balanced by the modest desk and muted blue/grays.  What might otherwise be a predictable, even dull little corner is enlivened by the contemporary lines of not only the chair, but the metal lamp and simple vase.

Sometimes less is more!

papaya blog

This chair has a softly retro/modern vibe, but is inviting enough to make a fine "office" for the canine or feline assistant.  The melon walls and lime pillow are an unexpected lift!


In this delicious room, a modern glass and metal desk counterbalances the dark, traditional office chair ... in fact, it allows the chair to make a statement, and the lack of bulk opens up the entire space! 

It's good to keep the eyes and the mind open to new ideas ... few things are more discouraging than a room -- much less an entire house -- stuck in a time capsule where little changes.

After all, our lives are always changing and evolving; why shouldn't our homes reflect that?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The well-dressed workspace.

Spied at, this neat-o-keen sewing room!


A very colorful virtual destination, lots of rooms where the almost impossible is pulled off with regularity:  integrating kitsch with good design, and it all looks fresh!

Rooms to dream in ...

As seen at Southern Accents, rooms from the Atlanta home of Pam Smart.

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Interior Inspiration: pink loves white!

The office / crafty space part of my apartment is still but a dream (I have to finish painting the darn living room first), but like the rest of the apartment I have designs on it!

These photos (well, except for the last one) reflect what I want to have around me in my home, and especially workspace:  lots of white furniture and pale pinks.

And clutter.  Controlled clutter, but clutter because I've accepted that this is who I am.  A clutterer!

from the mag/book Where Women Create (

via Where Women Create (

studio of fabric and lifestyle designer Heather Bailey

Spied this over at Beansie Babbles, as part of a Harry Potter meets Pink Saturday effort.

While I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan and have no idea who Dolores Umbridge is (other than a character in the books), I like this and think it's cheeky.