Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blogging break: the weekend.

Well, it's been a (self-imposed) breakneck pace, blogging here. Between this and The Daily Corgi, it seems I am always on-line.

When does a gal get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of her labor? I think it's time.

I also think that I might like to begin channeling some of this insanely nagging creative impulse into creating something in three dimensions. Not that blogging isn't rewarding, God knows it is. I just need to keep things in perspective.

So I'm taking (at least) the weekend off, and after that I'm going to limit myself to just one post a day, for a while. We'll see if I can keep that promise. That's the trouble with a contract with yourself: it's all too easy to break!

In the meanwhile, may I direct your attention to the Oz gala that's going on over at Two Crazy Crafters? That mother-daughter duo clearly enjoy their blog(s) -- daughter Lindsey has her own sweet one here.

Bless all of the creators and their creations. And bless the mess (of my home) but most of all the REST (it's time for me to take some).

A bientot.

p.s. As I write this, the cute-as-cupcakes Jimmy Fallon is on the telly helping some very tall, handsome man cook up some vittles. Hmmm, attractive men cooking. For me (I can dream).

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  1. Well, enjoy your weekend! I for one, would LOVE to see some of your three dimensional creations! Thank you so much for your mention of our Gala today! We've had a fantastic time already and I appreciate your sweet comment on our post. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla