Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Salt & Pepper = Sugar & Spice!

I had been eyeing this pair of salt and pepper shakers for months and months in an antiques and collectibles store downtown. Kept telling myself I couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't spend the $16 for this pair of 1950's gossiping gals in their (almost-but-not-quite) matching hats.

Today I realized that I spend at least that much on coffee and soda in a month. Duh! Brita pitcher, meet re-usable, bisphenol-A free bottle. Now I'm drinking less soda, more water and best of all enjoying these cute-as-cupcakes treasures.

Don't you LOVE them? Me too!


  1. Glad you bought them! They are adorable!!

  2. Those gals are so cute! 16 dollars is a great price!


  3. One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Frank Lloyd Wright - I will willingly give up the necessities of life for the luxuries. I live by that quote. Twyla