Wednesday, August 19, 2009

blog happy: Chronically Vintage

Yet another cannot-miss-it blog in Chronically Vintage. This gal is particularly adept at mixing and matching 30's, 40's and 50's images and she seems to really know her stuff! Fun to look at AND read, too.

A recent post links to's feature on "10 Ways to Mad Men your Wedding" (a reference to the popular TV series and the style of the times). Among the ideas is an elbow-length sleeved dress which I think is even more wonderful than buttercream frosting (as if!):

Love the bowed, pill-boxy hat but perhaps I'd have liked a netted partial face veil even better. (According to this is also very "Mad Men". Who am I to argue?)

Call me old fashioned (please do), but I strongly favor this over so many of the bustier-like, sleeveless and spaghetti strap type wedding "gowns" of today. A gown shouldn't be sexier than the wedding night peignor, should it? Or show nearly as much skin? Or give the guests a fairly good idea of the bride's bra size?

(Altogether now, NO).

It's easy to be all ironic and "retro" about what in retrospect seems overly demure nowadays, and God knows I'm not immune to some of that myself, but there is a reason why a lady is called a lady. A lady, and not something else.

Besides which, on a day when your man has to wear all sharp angles and stiff creases (never mind the elegant but limited palette of a tuxedo), why wouldn't you want to dress the part of Lady of the Day? Standing next to your penguin-suited sweetheart, you'll look all the more beatific.

We all know the hard work comes after the wedding day ... let's hear it for being beatific while we can!

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