Friday, February 27, 2015

Color Cocktail: Pink Loves Orange!

Because I live in the Boston area and been so snowed in, I've been doing a LOT of pinning lately. You know, pinning (saving images to) Pinterest? I have 180 separately themed boards, because yes -- this is how much my mind likes to compartmentalize things.

I've been poring over style (fashion/interiors) publications -- mostly magazines -- since I was a teenager. Let's just say it's been a few decades, by now. I have a very instinctive response to images, and so often see something I like in an editorial -- a gem -- that's surrounded by things that don't speak nearly as well to me. This must explain my pleasure in plucking out just what I like best and putting it together with other images, first and foremost for my own pleasure.

But color and images are a language of their own. And apparently I have a lot to say.

One of my favorite boards, because it's so unexpected and always vibrant, is a pink and orange color combination. These are from my Pink and Orange Pinterest board. There are "hot" and "saturated" pinks and oranges, and variations of these … peach, apricot, salmon pink, grapefruit, coral, tangerine, candy pink … and so on. Today's selections fall on the lighter end of the spectrum. The hothouse shades will no doubt have their day here, eventually! In a parallel universe, I'm sure there's a version of me involved in design -- and loving it.

Maybe I'll meet her someday.

Oscar de la Renta / Spring 2014
tumblr / Oscar PR Girl

Vogue Japan
tumblr / Duchess Dior

Wedding Chicks
Photo: Laura Jane Petelko


Versace Resort 2014