Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My own stuff, finally!

Keeping in mind that a) my digital camera is brand new to me, b) I have never had the benefit of a single photography lesson in my entire life, c) I rarely take photos and d) not a single person has ever told me that I have an eye for photographs, I share these images captured today.

Top: Kitten Girl about an hour ago, staking a claim on a bag full of stuff I just brought home to pack for my imminent vacation. This cat knows change is in the air, and she will do anything she can to head it off, especially if it involves me being gone for anything longer than 12 hours at a time. (Ohhhh, my poor 14 year old baby!)

Middle: A photo which doesn't really do justice to the pieces of Polish pottery that I own. I saw that daisies (?) pattern in an imperfects/off price store and it was love at first sight. Any chance anybody reading this knows the name of the pattern, and where I might possibly get more pieces for a non-ridiculous price? Just in case ... It reminds me of the Nicholas Mosse Pansy pattern. Which is, of course, highly collectible and tres pricey.

Bottom: A half-find (I'll explain why), this Hazel Atlas 40's Nutmeg shaker was once part of a larger set. I love the Dutch motif, and of course Hazel Atlas glass has its collectors who are willing and able to pay much more for these items than I am. I got this for $10 at a local antiques store and when I got it home saw that the lid is actually a painted over lid from an old jar of cottage cheese. But it IS that bright cheerful red that the original lid is supposed to be, and I'm not collecting for value's sake, so ...

... there it is. A glimpse into my actual home. Nothing ostentatious, just a few things to share.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I'm sure you will find the more pictures you take, the more you will want to keep snapping.

    Please do share more with us. It's nice to get a glimpse of your little treasures.

  2. Oh yeah! I love seeing Your stuff! I do love that little shaker and it just doesn't matter about the lid. I look forward to you taking more pictures. I am not that good at taking pictures, I am too shakey, I guess, but if I keep at it at I can usually get a good one. Have a good weekend!Twyla