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from Marie Claire (Russia), March 2011


Cherishable: Baby Dior Winter/Fall 2010

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Princess Catherine

Anything I might add to coverage of the royal wedding and Princess Catherine's dress would be redundant, but of course I have to gush for a just moment!

She couldn't have been any lovelier, or more appropriately dressed. 

More than that, she actually looked happy.  Genuinely happy.  Good for her!

Still, as a Corgi lover, I couldn't help but wish there were Corgis somewhere in the festivities ...

After all ...

... Corgis are royalty too!

Katy Perry meets Dior!

Has Katy Perry redeemed her sartorial self with these amazing photos from the latest issue of Vanity Fair?  Probably not, but they certainly do her face and figure justice.
I don't regularly buy Vanity Fair (too glossy even for me!), but I snapped up the last issue at the newsstand because these photos are insanely beautiful.  Especially the middle one. 
Nobody, but nobody does it like Dior.  The crimson skirt and jacket are couture perfection.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oilily's riot of colors!

From this Dutch design house comes a luscious array of clothes, accessories and other goodies.

I'm craving all this color!!


Click HERE to view a sweet video of the Summer 2011 Kids' Collection.

Oilily makes womenswear too!

all images:  oilily-world.com
(unless otherwise noted)

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