Sunday, August 30, 2009

shop happy: PaPaYa Art

It was on a recent trip to Seattle that I spied these incredible greeting cards, created by Anahata Joy Katkin at Portland (OR) based PaPaYa Art.

(Click on photos to enlarge and see the detail!)

Things like this make me wish that my scanner -- and scanning skills -- were much better. They don't capture the vibrancy, detail and judicious use of sparkly embellishment on the real thing. (And yeah, the second image is slightly off-center. I couldn't seem to get it to straighten out, but you get the idea!)

The PaPaYa Art site is not an optional but a MUST visit destination, for more like this and a consderably juicy range of other items, all in the same wildly beautiful, oh-so-subtly skewed vein. I want every single one of the Postcard Tins.

For me PaPaYa Art rings all the bells ... cRaZy beautiful.


  1. This is indeed a MUST-SEE site! Everything is so pretty. I love the dreamy colors and lovely details.

  2. Oh Laurie, I love the art on this blog! The colors of the Janet Hill collection are so happy and bright....your spirit of joy comes right through and these are the kind of places I so love to visit! Anita

  3. I do love the postcard tins, but everything was beautiful! Twyla