Monday, August 24, 2009

Now THIS is a dress.

Spied over at Couture Allure, this 1950's circle-skirted dress by designer Anne Fogarty is completely gush-worthy.

This is just the sort of thing I'd fancy wearing to Balzac's third act next Saturday at Castles, Crowns and Cottages. Among the theatregoers at this weekend's Act Two was quite the cavalcade of fashionable outfits ... a girl's got to dress her A game at events like these! Dear Balzac would expect no less.

I believe gloves, kitten heeled pumps and a simple black moire clutch with elegant rhinestone-encrusted buckle would be the appropriate accessories for this ensemble.
Oh, and a spritz of Miss Cherie Dior. Mais oui.

Off to the shops!


  1. OMG That dress is TDF! (I never thought I would be using acronyms so much!) First of all, I just noticed that the little guy on your header is Balzac when he was a puppy! Second of all, thank you for visiting my post again AND for mentioning such a sweet and fun word about our play! Thirdly, you looked stunning and out of this world gorgeous in that gown! Vintage is the way to go and your little clutch and pumps were simply divine! Thank you soooo much for your patronage and I will be waiting for you next Saturday! Until then, have a happy week and peace to you!! Anita

  2. Thanks for sharing this dress! I just love Anne Fogarty designs.

  3. See what I get for not checking in? I miss a whole lot of neat stuff. I'm glad I caught up now. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought your blogging break might not last:) Have a good week! Twyla

  4. Twyla,

    You already know me too well.

    Blogging pretty much reliably makes me happy. I might not always do it with as much gusto (see the forthcoming "Depression, Anxiety and the Seven Dollar Bottle of Shampoo" post) but when I am able to engage in it, it's really gratifying.

    May your week be a charmed and happy one too!

  5. Dear Miss Couture Allure,

    Thank YOU for making this goodness available to share via your site!

    I'd never heard of Ann Fogarty before but I am quickly becoming a fan.

    Although I'm glad I was born when I was, I do feel that I missed sartorial opportunities of earlier times (50's/early 60's) that I'd have enjoyed tremendously.

    This dress reminds me of my mother's wedding gown, though I believe that one had a sweetheart neckline. (I'll have to dig up a photo).

    Although the 80's had their share of voluminous clothes and hair (ack), they lacked the modesty of these earlier garments. Though I DO have to say that in their own way, these were just as (dare I say it?) sexy, emphasizing the female form without showing an excess of skin.

    I am reminded of the costuming in the recent remake of Hairspray. There were so many great dresses in that, many of them worn by the shallow blonde (forget her name) who was Tracy Turnblad's nemesis. "Sub-teen" styles, of course, but some more sophisticated things on the dance floor too ... I wonder how many liberties the costumer(s) took with wardrobe?

  6. Oh, darling Anita who leaves such zestful and endearing posts! I am always glad to see you here (and at my other site).

    Thank you for visiting, you are becoming a fast favorite.

    A bientot!

  7. Oh My Goodness..its you think they have this one in a size for a mouse..

    M.M (miss moussie)

  8. Miss Moussie,

    I am positively certain that an appropriately-sized (super-petite-petite) could be tailored expressly for you! We just need to get our hands on some extra-fine dandelion floss thread (is there any on hand at your end?) and a short-ish bit of the fabric (there must be some SOMEWHERE in all the attics and closets of the world), et voila! Moussie and moi, in the most heavenly matching frocks! p.s. Do you wear shoes, and what about a purse?