Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Young Victoria (2009)

I've yet to see this movie, but it is definitely on my must list.

Emily Blunt is positively luminous as the young royal!


  1. It is a good film and she looks fabulous. It gives some insight into how confined and isolated she was before becoming queen and shows how her marriage was for love, not just an arrangement.
    You might also like The Jane Austen Book Club which Emily is in too. It is a really sweet film.

  2. Oh, Laurie--you will LOVE it! It's now one of my very favorites, and I love British dramas! My daughters love it, too. Just beautiful in every way!

    Hope your Sunday is a lovely & restful one...


  3. I want to see this movie, too. Thanks for the reminder! I love Emily Blunt. I'm sure she's wonderful in this role.