Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little pink cottage: let's take a tour!

These photos are taken from different sources;  I've assembled them to imagine what an ideal pink cottage might look like inside.


*  *  *  *  *  *

Don your prettiest outfit for a visit to a very special place ...

(Oscar de la Renta coat)

*  *  *  *  *  *


Slip off your shoes and make yourself comfortable.

A glass of sparkling pink champagne.  Just for you!

Let your most fanciful thoughts take flight here ...


... daydreams are encouraged!

image:  Country Living magazine

The tea is hot, the table is laid ...

... and there are fairy cakes for all!

The china cupboard is merrily mis-matched.

image:  Country Living magazine

image:  Country Living magazine (UK)

If you need to nod off for a bit, take quiet refuge ...


Pretty things everywhere delight the eye!

Soothing blue of sea and sky ...

image:  House Beautiful magazine

Bountiful roses scent and beautify every room ...

... and your dollhouse dreams are welcome here.


The bath is freshly drawn and strewn with petals.

Pillows and blankets, still crisp warm and from the laundry basket. 


Sit a spell for coffee and a leisurely read from a favorite dusty book.
You needn't feel hurried here!

image:  Country Living magazine

You may encounter some charming creatures! 

image:  flickr

Flacons filled with floral colognes ... feel free to dab some on.

Prettiness at every turn!

Don't forget to visit Hannah, where she lies in the shade of the back porch.
She's a typical Pembroke Welsh Corgi:  clever, sweet and friendly!

image: flickr/such pretty things

Be sure to collect your favor before bidding farewell ...

... until the next time.

Au revoir!

*  *  *  *  *  *

It's been lovely ... please come back again soon!
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  1. Hi Laurie! What a fun post! I could move right into your dream cottage. Thanks for visiting my blog and for sending your kind email note. I am pleased to see that you enjoyed my blog and photos and hope you'll visit again soon. ~ xo Joy

  2. Everything is soooo pretty! I would love to spend a week at this lovely pink cottage for a get-away. :)