Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do you miss Domino magazine?

I know I do!

There was a lot that was "modern" (for my tastes) in it, but Domino always retained great style and charm.  It had a just-irreverent-enough approach to interiors (and some exteriors), fused with serious love of the subject, that got me hooked and widened my outlook.

It helped me to see that "old" and "new" really could work well together, and suggested color combinations I'd never considered before.  In fact, I would have to say that the pages of Domino gave rise to a nascent fascination with color that has since bloomed into a little bit of an obsession.

Needless to say, I looked forward to Domino every month and was glum when it ceased publication.

A little bit of salvation?  There is a flickr group with a few hundred image scans from the magazine:  The Domino Magazine Files.

Better even than THAT is the new "home" of Domino archives on-line at  Now that's what I call a good thing.  (Sourced this bit of good news at, who announced back in June when yours truly was too busy with other things to have noticed).

As I am partial to dogs and design, I've post a couple of my favorite archived Domino images here.

There are on-line magazines very much inspired by Domino (Lonny and Adore, to name two that I'm aware of), but for me nothing really matches the experience of holding that paper product in my hands.  I need to interact in a tactile way with the medium.  What could be less tactile to me than a box with a screen?!

This is why I feel I'll be one of the last holdouts for e-readers (Kindle, etc.).  If I cannot hold the book, smell it (yes, I love the smell of paper and ink -- old and new), it doesn't seem real.  It's not MINE, it's just a digital copy. 

Yes, the content matters most.  Of course.  But I need my bookshelves and piles of magazines to feel at home.  (In spite of my periodic paper purges).

Clearly, I am not a modern in that sense either.

Oh well!  I am who I am, and one of the benefits of being 40+ is being able to say "it's not going to change and that's OK."

And maybe even being the tiniest bit smug about it.


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  1. I do miss "domino" very much. And I agree, it is just not the same to read an online magazine. The glossy paper in one's hand is something special.

    I have been a magazine addict since a very young age. I began buying "Sassy" magazine as a pre-teen, and fell in love with "Vogue" at age 15. Soon, my appetite for imagery was full-blown, and I began collecting fashion and interior design mags, and the occasional bridal, art, or other mag, until I had hundreds of them stacked up in my apartment.

    In my last move, I had to get rid of all of them, sadly. It pains me to think of the vast collection I gave up, but I just have to live with that sacrifice. I'm moving 10, 000 miles away, and can only take a small amount of my belongings. That's all right. My brain is full of all those beautiful images, never to be forgotten.