Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lizzie and Darcy

This distills just about every intense moment between Lizzie and Mr. Darcy in the 2005 feature film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. 

I realize Jane Austen's novel was far more than "just" a love story, but the chemistry between these two characters is absolutely the driver in the plot ... nothing else would have happened without that unstoppable, force-of-nature attraction.

For me, it is Keira Knigtley's presence that lights this movie from within.  She is a powerful presence, not just an incandescently lovely face and figure.  I like her confidence, and her vulnerability -- when it shows.

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  1. Another one of my very favorite films. Romantic that I am! Keira Knightley is the reason to watch this movie, absolutely. Her portrayal of Elizabeth is spot-on.