Friday, October 8, 2010

blog happy: Face Hunter

Face Hunter is one of those very trendy street style blogs (in the vein of The Sartorialist) that amuse but often leave me scratching my head.

It is a place to stumble across some cute stuff, though ...

... like this Parisienne, in her ethereal dress and biker jacket.  I love the contrast, though I do notice that her jacket is a tailored version of the biker's jacket ... it's fitted, not boxy and outsized.  That would make the outfit look less pulled together, but more punk.

This photo also confirms that big glasses definitely ARE making a comeback, after two decades of banishment post 1980's. 

I'll never be able to wear them again (too many bad memories) but for this young lady they are "retro" and hip and ironic.  Which makes me old and un-hip, though I am still ironic.

Oh well!  I was cool once too.  It's fun while it lasts.


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