Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lace up your boots.

With the coming of Fall (and it finally feels like it here in Boston, after days of swampy, tropical weather) I think romance.  Oh hell, I'm always thinking romance, but the opportunity to think about MORE fabric is exciting.


image:  Eva Lindh (stylist)
(thank you Motyl for mentioning Eva in a recent comment -- I really like her stuff!)

I'm not a big fan of too much lace, but used in moderation -- and offset by leather (what a cliche ... but it works) -- it can be just the thing.

And that bow at the waist, well ... that's just perfect!

Bows are rarely wrong, anywhere, when used judiciously.  In fact, I should probably do an entire post devoted entirely to bows ...

... just not THAT kind of bow.

This will be the first and last time Lady Gaga (who is no lady at all) on this blog.  Not that she's without talent or daring (both of which are just fine), but of taste she has little or none.

And I wish people would stop raving about her clothes, because by and large they are absolutely hideous.  Then again, given her provocative image, that's probably the point.

Still, baaaaaaaad taste.

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  1. Hello, wow I am mentioned in a post, that is so cool. Thanks for the add to your blogroll.
    Gaga is quirky in a not very appealing way for me too. I think people like Bjork do it much better.