Friday, October 8, 2010

Not your mother's Laura Ashley!

I've been a fan of Laura Ashley stuff since the 1980's, and although they failed to capture the American market long-term, they are apparently still popular in U.K., Europe and Asia, thanks to the enduring popularity of their home and decorating products.

Click here to view their Autumn/Winter 2010 catalogue on-line.  There are pastels, yes, but so much more.  A lot of rich, surprising color -- and everything is cheerfully restrained, of course, in the Laura Ashley style.

Recent Laura Ashley womenswear designs. 

I would just love to get my hands on a vintage bottle of the no-longer-manufactured Laura Ashley No. 1, not just because it is gorgeous but because the scent (a chypre floral) still haunts me -- in a good way -- from the 1980's, when it established what has since become a reputation as a classic of the time.

They're so rare, however, that it would be cheaper for me to get my hands on this Laura Ashley Couture Rose lampshade.

Hmmmm, now there's an idea ...

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  1. hi laurie! i just found you in my stats and here i am saying hi - with a cat on my lap - when i'm supposed to be getting dressed to go out!!!!

    love your love of color and your sweet/smart sharing! i'll be back! might have to add you to my burgeoning blogroll too. would that be ok? (say yes.) see you!