Friday, October 22, 2010

Perfect palette, or more about the pink.

Ahhh, pinks and purples and lilacs and mauves ...

I have decided to take a bit of a leap and definitely go with very light pink walls for my apartment (with the possible exception of the kitchen).

Benjamin Moore 1268 Cotton Candy

I'm not crazy about the name, because I don't think it suits, but I do love the color.  It's closest to what I imagined the walls looking like, based on my hours (and hours) of searching the web for photos of pink-walled rooms. 

Not TOO pink, but pink enough

I was going to go with Behr's Paris White, but in the end it really doesn't take a brave leap into pink, and there might even be a very pale peach cast to it.  Peach is one of the only pastels I genuinely dislike in large doses.  Because Behr is less expensive, however, I might take my BM chip to Home Depot and get a darn close match. 

Yes, back to the swatches ... but I WILL get that pink I dream of!

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  1. I think a very pale pink, like this, would be a lovely color to come home to.