Monday, November 30, 2009

file under: I Am Officially Old

Did you know there is a 13 year-old blogger who gets front row seats at runway shows because she writes an apparently fabulously influential fashion blog called Style Rookie?

Tava Gevinson looks like a ten year old boy in a blonde Beatle wig, dressed up a la The Olsen Twins-meets-Grandma's closet. Since when does a 13 year old claim authority as the voice of anything except being 13 years old? (Oh wait, I forgot what 13 year olds are like). When you are 13, the whole world seems composed of clueless idiots.

Thanks to the power of the internet (take note, this is a dubious distinction) now the leagues of clueless idiots can turn to a thirteen year old for fashion advice.

As IF!

What's next, a ten year old's ramblings on the geopolitics of the Middle East?

I am feeling cranky.

Hitting "publish post" ... 'til next time ...

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  1. I love cranky in the morning. After giggling through your post I made sure to check out the 13 year old's blog. Ugh. Hate what she wears, but loved the post where she recreated the collections in miniature. Thought that was pretty unique. But was she actually wearing those crazy 6 inch heels? What mother lets a 13 year old do that?

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife