Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tulips and Corgis and pink (again).

I have a history of planning out rooms (down to the last detail) in my mind, even if I'm not going to live in them myself. I've "curated" the walls of a hundred rooms in my imagination, and this time it's mine to do in three dimensions!

Since it makes sense that I would want to look often at the things I love, I have selected a print of colortul tulips (an old seed packet, actually) and a delightful painting of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Not sure yet whether the first thing visitors will see on the wall across from the front door is the dog or the flowers, but either way it's OK. They are both expressions of who I am (or aspects of me, at any rate).

This awesome piece by Robert McClintock is apparently a hybrid between a digital photograph and a painting. No matter what it is, it works for me. I want a smiling Corgi in my house. I want the zest and attitude of that dog, even if I can't have one myself. Someday ...

Both of these are available at art.com. Don't you love art.com?

At this point, moving for me involves going through boxes of papers and magazines I set aside until "later", and later has arrived in earnest. I laid my hands on a wonderfully crisp copy of last August's (2008) Mary Engelbreit Home Companion, which by now seems like a totally new read to me. There is a lot of orange and peach in it. Reminds me of the orange-wedding post I did a short while back ... helped change my mind about orange. It's still girly but not as fey as pink can be.

Though I love pink and always will.

Do NOT try and separate me from my pink. My whole bedroom is going to be almost painfully pink. Tucked away at the far end of the apartment, it is going to be a true escape for me. Unapologetically, divinely pink. A shrine to pink, if you will.

I do worry that it will repel suitors, but I have a rare bottle of the coveted Love Potion Number 9 stashed away in a safe place, so not so much a worry.

Besides, in the dark who is looking at rosy curtains and a pink bookshelf?

Certainly not me.

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  1. Your apartment is going to be so pretty! I already love your choice of artwork. Your shrine to pink sounds delicious. I hope you'll share some pictures! Twyla