Monday, November 30, 2009

Colorful days, restless nights.

If you're a regular follower of Buttercup Bungalow (and there are a few of you, thanks!) you'll have noticed by now that I am doing some serious posting of images lately, and a lot of them aren't in the same vein at all.

Which explains a lot.

I am moving after a few years in the same place (and moving is stressful), the holidays are upon us (for me this tends to me stressful), and my 14 year-old cat is not enjoying the prospect of getting used to yet another home. She's game, though. I mean, this is an animal who flew all the way across the country in the pet section of the cargo hold. But she's 10 years older now and a wee bit more neurotic. Liker her Mom :-).

Anyway, I've noticed that when I feel particularly stretched and strained (mentally speaking), I am far more drawn to visuals than I ordinarily am (which is more than the average person, I think). I start ferreting through all of the sources I can think of, and looking for new ones, as a way to relax my brain. It works. I think my long period this summer of being away from the blog (this one, anyway) had as much to do with feeling relatively calm as it did with the laborious hours of setting up and maintaining my other blog (The Daily Corgi). With that one I'm looking at lots of pictures but they're all of Corgis. Never a bad thing, but a same-y diet. I won't say I got my fill of Corgis (NEVER), but the need to clap eyes on lots of something else's got very strong.

So here I am, back at Buttercup Bungalow. I run in fits and starts, I suppose. Blame it on the "artistic temperment".

Yeah, that's it.

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