Friday, July 31, 2009

photo moment: Laurie Healey

(Click on picture for a big burst of beautiful!)

A good friend of mine recently visited Martha's Vineyard with her family (and new camera!) in tow. She's been talking for a while about getting herself a camera, about how long she's loved photos, how deeply they can touch her.

This dedicated Mom and wife gives so much to so many, and like so many women whose difficult daily work goes unsung, her busy life may not often afford the opportunity to explore her artistic soul. The soul that's resilient, that won't go away whispers, insisting "I am here, I will wait as patiently as I can for you to turn and see who and what I am, what I have to give you".

To begin to discover that ... to see it unfold, however hesitantly ... is a hopeful thing to witness. It speaks to the fact that it is never, ever to late to wake up that part of you that has perhaps lain dormant. Waiting.

This picture, this needs-no-words photo, is hers. I have never met this flower before, this single flower as beautiful as it is for no particular reason at all ... except that the world is absolutely full of riches like it, and the only sorrow lies in their living and dying unseen. Artists, lucky for the rest of us, possess the eyes to see it. The heart to show it, to say it, see it.

My friend is an artist. Though she hardly knows it yet, she is an artist.

And I am proud of her.


  1. Such lovely and inspiring words and a breath-takingly beautiful photo!

    ((( swoon )))

  2. I agree that is a most beautiful picture. I love your inspirational thoughts. I do believe the artist can be born in us at any time. Twyla