Monday, July 20, 2009

blog happy: Cece Marie

The kind of blog I like the very best opens wide the shutters of my mind, pipes a cheery hello to the new day and holds the promise of happy company. So it's a discovery indeed when I stumble upon something like All Dolled Up.

Cece Marie blogs out of her Northern California home, where she runs All Dolled Up, an on-line cottage industry business making almost-unbelievably cute things from her own original patterns: aprons, totebags, skirts, handbags and flower pins, as well as original artwork. It's clear that her myriad influences show up in her homespun creations. Here are just a few examples:

L: Delilah Tulip Wrap Skirt R: White Cherries "Le Flirt" Apron

Cece is also a fellow "magazine magpie": somebody who scouts for inspiration via images. Like many of us, she is probably absolutely compelled to share them, to show what she likes, to say something about them. It is a real joy to do this, and in that way we flock together, birds of a common feather!

I've scrolled through dozens of her blog pages that make me want to stand up and cheer. "I love that, oh no wait I love that even MORE!" Best of all, she shares my fondness for yellow houses, pale pink and an undying love of the red and white kitchen.

Really, is there anything more cheerful than a red and white kitchen? Hardly. Does the world need more red and white kitchens? Absolutely.

Country Living Magazine

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  1. What a dear heart you are! I'm flattered and honored!
    Merci Miss Laurie! -Cece