Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blog happy: The Vintage Magpie

We've all been there, haven't we? Love at first sight.

You see a lot of blogs, visit a ton of sites, spend many happy hours sifting through magazines or catalogs for the simple pleasure of ambling and the possibility of finding something that says "hey, you're home ... " or "wouldn't it be marvelous to be home HERE?" Sometimes you see something you suddenly can't live without, and your heart leaps.

This is my experience, anyway. I love doing this, it's right up there in my Top Ten list. Not many of my friends understand it. I'm sure my mother would think it's a waste of time. And to my cat, it's just one more way of witholding the 24/7 cuddling she believes (justly) is her birthright.

But I am what I am what I am (thank you, Popeye) and this stuff is part of my blueprint. It excites me! Something wonderful like Nicola Fraser's Vintage Magpie sets my brain to humming in no time flat. Honestly, a glimpse of something like this puts me in a tizzy:

Is it the rush of color, the sweet jumble of beautiful things and all the emotions these things evoke? I'd have to say yes. This to me is a joyous image, and thanks to Nicola for permission to share them.

Her working space, her studio space, her inspiration boards ... I want to step into that place and feel the happy magic in my bones! A big flashing sign pops up in my mind: "Artist At Work". Bring it on!

You just know that some Very Good Stuff comes out of this room. Things like her handmade friends. Enid the Elephant, for example. What a shy little beauty she is:

And there is MORE: bears and rabbits and ... well, check it out for yourself. And don't miss this wee face while you're there. Is it me or is this irresistible?

(Nope, didn't think it was just me.)

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