Saturday, July 11, 2009

etsy joy: Nostalgia Organics

Nostalgia Organics' line of hand made soaps, baby care, aromatherapy balms and toiletries come dressed in their Sunday best.

Howdy do, birds and blossoms and bashful bows ...

Pleased to meet you, pretty pots of portable balm, wreathed in shiny stars!

Oh, and aren't you almost too fetching to unwrap?

Use the soap -- doesn't pink grapefruit+ lemongrass + oatmeal sound deLigHtfuL? -- save the sack. And the merry label, of course. (Well, I'd save it. I'm nerdy like that). In fact, on the back of the label there is a pattern for a strawberry pincushion using the fabric! Hungry for more? Visit the Joyful Living blog and don't miss their gotta-see-it flickr stream. p.s. Thank you, Christy at Sweet Tidings for clueing me in on this gem.


  1. Elea is so amazing! Her blog and shop is one of the prettiest I've seen!

  2. Dear Laurie, Thank you for such a kind post about us! We really appreciate your sweetness and love your blog! P.S. The merry little label you refer to on our happy days soap, is really worth saving! The reverse side of the label opens into a sewing pattern to make a strawberry pincushion with the fabric sack after the soap is gone. I am nerdy like that, too :) but now we have good reason. Thanks again! XOXO Elea