Saturday, July 11, 2009


As a not-very-tech-savvy blogger, the only kind of graphics program I know how to use is Paint. That's it, just Paint. I know there's a whole lot more I could be doing (even within Paint), and I really, really want to learn.

I just don't know where to start.

Today I decided to search the Help function in Paint to see if there's a way to superimpose text on a picture. Yes, I've been THAT behind the curve for THAT long. Eek!

In re-drafting the look of my blog (mainly the masthead -- do they call them mastheads?) today I was feeling a bit adventurous (read: frustrated turned inside out and left in the sun too long). And it practically made my day to be able to superimpose text. So there may be hope for me out there in the badlands of do-it-yourself graphic design 101 after all.

I've brought all the pale yellow back (in the end I cannot ever really escape my love of pale yellow) and now there are more dogs ... because one can never have too many dogs ...

No such thing.


  1. I love the pretty buttercream background! It's perfect!

    I've added you to my blogroll too!

  2. I feel your pain. I only know how to do Corel from like 2004! It is the lamest program ever, but I just don't have the patience for anything else. Oh, btw, the pale yellow of your blog is the same yellow I am going to paint my TV room! It is one of my favorite colors.

  3. Ooooh yes, that buttercream yellow is just the best ain't it?

    It's cheerful without shouting, soothing but not boring.

    Much as I love pink, yellow was always my first love.