Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweet Eye Sweets

Jenn at Eye Candy Creations continues to delight and amaze, in her exuberantly girly style. (You go, Jenn!) I love visiting her page. It resets my spirit, somehow. I can relax when I am there ...

She is a collector of many things, including these types of vintage planters:

Oohh, isn't that somethin'? And a creator of goodies like this one:

I must admit that the bumper sticker is a hit with me, and I'll be ordering it post haste from her zazzle store! I don't have a car, but it'll do just as well on my refrigerator. (Hmmm, can I get this as a magnet?) Jenn's world is thankfully not an undiscovered one. Her home has been featured in magazines, and will be in a future issue of Cottage Style. A crew came to her house recently to shoot her daughter's girly-heaven nursery, and scenes like this came out of what looks to be a fruitful visit.

This one charms my socks off! I bashfully admit that I enjoy being a girl ;-).

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  1. Ooooh thank you sweetie for the darling post on "Moi". So incredibly sweet of you!!! Im very flattered!! I cant thank you enough!!! "Girlie girls unite!!!" :))) XO,Jenn