Friday, June 26, 2009

Home arts: kitchens & Karl Larsson too.

From the August, 1931 issue of the (now sadly defunct) House and Garden magazine, come these wonderful illustrations from Laurence Guetthoff. Top: "Dutch kitchen", bottom: Swedish kitchen".

There is a whole trove of fantastic images from the magazine's (near) century of publication at condenast's website. I hate to think of these illustrations languishing in obscurity. Nowadays everything is photographic, but in those days the art of illustration was still fully alive and well.

These put me in mind of Swedish artist Carl Larsson (late 1800's), whose Blomsterfönstret (below) is the very picture of happy domesticity.

Larsson and his wife were an amazing team, both artists and independent thinkers. Read all about them at the official site: Good stuff -- don't miss it!

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