Saturday, June 20, 2009

crazy cool! : made with love by hannah

What a wonderfully free spirited, idiosyncratic artist!

Don't miss the too-short video tour of her house and yard, at her etsy page:

I like a gal who knows just wants she likes and goes after it, great guns, and must admit that I share her fascination with Alpine/Bavarian and Dutch themed stuff. Her collection of cuckoo clocks is knockout, and her studio with the raspberry pink walls is a house of fun. Oh, and the clothes she sews n' sells? Too cute for words:

I think that mushrooms are growing on me. Well, not literally ON my person ... I mean, I have just never been particularly attracted to toadstools. I associated them with mid-to-late 70's designs on dishes and kitchen linens, in colors I've never cottoned to (those golds, greens, browns). I am SO not a gold, green, brown person. Maybe these things are getting into my universe via the Polka Dot Addiction That Cannot Be Cured. Look at them! Red with polka dots. For this alone, Hannah gets my vote for immediate Goddess of Craftiness & Creativity induction in the pantheon. I know other people have done the mushroom+polka dot thing, but it seems most at home in her world than anywhere else.

"Merry", I think that's how I would describe the exuberant expressions of her talent. That and "juicy"!
(Images are permission of their owner, Please contact her for repro rights).

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