Saturday, June 27, 2009

booklust: Carleton Varney

From designer Carleton Varney. Check out those CoLoRs!

I'm very partial to yellow (second only to pink), and in recent years blue has grown on me. Four years of Catholic high school wearing nothing but blue put me off it for a couple of decades, but there are so many different kinds of blue. One of my best friends is over the moon for blues, and perhaps it's rubbing off!

The cover sings "tropical" to me. Those blues: the ocean, the tides, the rippling surface dancing in the sun. That yellow: fruits ripening, mangoes and juicy pineapples, bright bananas. The riot of flowers, fragrant, heady and undulating in the warm breezes.

The insides? I've had a few peeks on-line, but if the local library has it I'm getting in line!

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