Saturday, January 2, 2010

The new nest.

It's been two weeks since I moved in to my new apartment. Living alone now, just me and the cat, in a little one bedroom place with lots of West facing windows and all-vinyl floors. Even in the bedroom.

Rugs, people, I am craving RUGS!

I officially have too much stuff to display in my little kitchen, which is crammed full of cabinetry. Some awfully cute things are staying in storage ... that's the way it is. I cannot overwhelm a small room with tons of knickknacks, can I?

No, no, no. The rooster curtains are definitely "go", however.

I'm watching David Letterman as I type this (I'm talented that way) and a young actress has just come out from behind the curtains wearing what looks like a very tight top with opaque black hose. I guess if you're 22 you can get away with this, but why doesn't she just wear a sign on her forehead that says "free samples"?

I know, that's not fair. And I'm not jealous at ALL.

Anyway ... it is definitely weird living alone again, and having my own apartment. The cat and I take turns freaking out about it ... new place, no roommate, no other cats, we have only one another for company.

This is either a recipe for bliss or the beginnings of a card game known commonly as Old Maid. Can you technically become an Old Maid when you have been married and divorced? I like to think not. But you can still go for Crazy Cat Lady.

The living room is blue. Yikes, BLUE. It's the first room you see when you enter the apartment, you literally step right into it, and I decided to just go very conservative with it. I've got a large braided rug and the curtains (when I can finally figure out the whole rod situation) will be subtle, probably a sandy, muted check.

Again, I don't want to overwhelm a small space with TOO MUCH. But the Breyer horses (2) and dogs (3) are going on display. I always feel better when there are images of and/or actual animals around.

The biggest room in the place is the bedroom... and it is going to be pink. Shades of pink, I ought to say. If a bedroom were Audrey Hepburn, it would be the bedroom I'm going to have ... very feminine and discerning and intelligent and lovely.

That's the plan, anyway.

What is there to say about getting used to a new home, other than it takes time and oftentimes it pretty much sucks? Mostly the moving part, but the unpacking and settling in ... and the cat crying pitifully in the night because she is homesick and doesn't understand why all of this is happening ...

So this is a happy and a sad time, all at once. I am going to have a good two days to sit here and simmer in it, however, as there's a major storm moving into the Northeast. Snow is still romantic, but by March I will be cursing it.

At least I don't have to shovel!

Thank God for Netflix and the unlimited streaming video.

And diet gineger ale (gotta stock up before The Big One hits!)

Over and out, mon amies.

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  1. Moving does bring mixed emotions, both to human and beast.

    My cat was scared stiff when we moved to our current home. He wedged himself between the couch and a side table for hours, with his eyes wide and his fur puffed up. Eventually, he calmed down and began sniffing out the new digs.

    I painted the living room here a pale blue, as it seems to be a very beachy color (we live on Lake Erie). The cool tone is soothing in summer and winter alike. I also have shades of blues and greens, as well as grey and chocolate, in that room. The palette works nicely.

    I am quite excited about your soon-to-be-pink Audrey-inspired bedroom! If I could get away with it (if a male was not present in the equation), I would go for the same look. I have to settle for small touches of pink here and there.

    Best wishes to you and your kitty in the new place! Post pics please, when you are settled in.