Saturday, January 2, 2010

Enough navel gazing for one day.

Sometimes you've got to pull yourself out of your heap of self-analysis as best you can and just start doing something.


Still in a funk over the move, I should really just get out and take a walk in the snow at dusk (which is right now) but I am mired in the silence and amorphous sadness of the day. And the sofa.

Hate hearing the cat still crying mournfully every now and then. I'm not a Mom but this cuts me to the quick. I feel so guilty ...

Glad to see some comments on my recent posts. Makes me feel like I exist. (Is this getting too melancholy?) Planning on checking my mail and doing some laundry. Might also unpack a few boxes.

Hoping not to sit here gazing at the holes I drilled in the wall in a failed attempt to hang curtain rods. I should look at some lovely blogs instead. That always makes me feel better.

Perhaps I shouldn't have watched as much of that "rescue me/help me/I'm just a pup or kitten" commercial as I did earlier. For me, that is preaching to the choir.

I know! I know! I know!

At some point before bed I will haul out my February issue of Romantic Homes ... my favorite holiday is up for celebrating ... VALENTINE's DAY!

Love that.

Hope your weekend is going well. I know I am going to feel better eventually. Like most other things, it's just a matter of time.

I have to hope the same will happen for the cat.

Depression just plain sucks. That's all there is to it.

p.s. Kim, as regards your limited use of pink: is there a closet in the house you can turn into your personal pink space? Paint the inside pink, hang images of the things your husband would hate to have to look at everyday, and when you're done with your pink fix, close the door (which you have also painted pink inside, mais oui). Oh, and you could hang a pink chandelier from the ceiling in there too! There are ways to live around the maleness ... it's wonderful in many ways, the maleness, but we have to have these sanctuaries of our own making, no matter how small they may be. Even a little space can hold big dreams.

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  1. I love the secret pink closet idea! Maybe in my next space, I will try it out. Here, the closets are teeny tiny.

    I would love to have a little pink office inside a closet. That way, it would be all mine, and I could close the doors and hide away the pink-ness from the male gaze.

    Hope you cheer up soon, dearie. I know so well how the winter weather can make a gal feel blue. I can hardly stand to look out my window today, the sky is so grey and dark.

    But that's what pretty colors inside the house (and seen online) are for! Cheering up the spirits.