Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Valentine's season!

My personal favorite "holiday".

I was married on Valentine's Day in 1997. The marriage didn't last, but I did.

V is for Valentine's Day, but also Victory Day!
Here's to life beyond the tears! Never give up ...
There is always something better over the horizon.
... also ...
It marks the official end of the post-XMAS/New Year's doldrums. It only gets better from Valentine's Day onwards!
... and ...

...- let's not forget ...
liberal use of pink and red are not only allowed, but positively encouraged.
Now THAT's a holiday I can get behind!


  1. Cheers to Valentine's Day!

    I love all the romantic imagery, including--yes, liberal use of pink and red, and all the goodies that come with this love-ly holiday.


  2. These two images are so cute! Valentine's day is a favorite holiday in our house too. You're right, things Do get better after Valentine's day, I never thought of that before! Twyla