Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dah-ling, I-vanka wedding like this!

Take note: this is how a bride with a bazillion dollars should look on her wedding day. Are you as tired as I am of comely young celebrities sporting fishtail gowns and big rocks (and multiple crucifixes -- ack!) on what ought to be the one day in their lives they should look well and properly dressed?

In Ivanka Trump's case, clearly her father's taste was not handed down ... just the money. This will look as perfect in 50 years as it does today. And she apparently has a very good head on her shoulders. All the better!

I know, who cares about my opinion? I just happen to think I have excellent taste. And that's my opinion too, but it's the internet and everybody gets their five cents.



  1. Exquisite gown! I could not agree more. Timeless elegance is the way to go for weddings.

  2. Ivanka has exquisite taste and so do you! Her wedding gown is a dream! So beautiful!