Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paper trail: Barbara Schriber Studio

Barbara Schriber Designs, these handmade crowns and trinket boxes are irresistibly fun.

Oh, and the wrapping paper ... far too delicious to throw away, a gift on its own. I'd save it to cover a plain cardboard box or hatbox, maybe even as a twist on the traditional mat in a framed photo. What do you think?

(Available on-line at Kate's Paperie).

Barbara's mother Melissa Neufeld designs these hand silk-screened designs on 4 x 4 greeting cards, printed on lovely stock paper. Delicate and treasurable.

I could never part with one of these ... wasting such beauty is a crime!

These's much more to wander through at the Schriber/Neufeld studio. A PDF version of the wholesale catalog is available here. The vintage-images greeting cards embellished with genuine German glass glitter are a favorite of mine. The first time I heard of Barbara Schriber was in Country Living magazine a few years ago, where these cards were featured. The torn-out pages are somewhere in my inspiration/daydream boxes.

The site is wholesale, but there is a store locator function here.
Truly special stuff.


  1. What a great find Laurie :) I bookmarked the page. Thanks!

  2. Another great discovery! You're right, it's truly special! Have a good day! Twyla