Sunday, September 6, 2009

Font-asy: Fling by ITC

Do you remember the short-lived Martha Stewart Magazine Blueprint?

I do, and wish it hadn't stopped publication. One of the things I liked most about the magazine was the title font on the cover. A little searching revealed that the font, by ITC, is called Fling. And you can buy it here:

I subscribe to Newsweek, which sometime in the past few months changed both its format and its typeface throughout the magazine, though I'm not sure that they fooled with the very familiar cover font. Maybe. All I know is that it changed the character of the magazine (I felt like a fogey for disliking it for as long as I did) and made it feel less serious.

I do like the new typeface but I suppose I don't like change that radical, that quickly. At least not when I didn't initiate it!


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  1. I miss Blueprint too! It was such a fresh fabulous magazine. I wish it would come back.