Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A summer afternoon with Perry Como's croon ...

Ladies, head over to the cool green of my backyard. There's plenty of room on the porch. Grab yourself an icy lemonade and a seat in the shade of the trellis, heavy with summer's roses. The cats are lazing, the dog is napping, and my rhubarb pie is cooling on the window sill.

(Anita, will you bring the ice cream?)

It's time to gather 'round the radio for Perry and the gals!

Dreamer's Holiday


Music by Mabel Wayne
Lyrics by Kim Gannon

Performed by Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters

* * * *

Climb aboard a butterfly

An' take off on the breeze

Let your worries flutter by

An' do the things you please

In a land where dollar bills

Are fallin' off the trees

On a dreamer's holiday!

Everyday for breakfast

There's a dish of scrambled stars

An' for lunchin' you'll be munchin'

Rainbow candy bars

You'll be livin' a la mode

On Jupiter and Mars

On a dreamer's holiday!

Make it a long vacation

Time there is plenty of

You need no reservation

Just bring along the one you love!

Help yourself to happiness

An' sprinkle it with mirth

Close your eyes an' concentrate

An' dream for all you're worth

You will feel terrific

When you get back down to earth

From a dreamer's holiday!

* * * *

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  1. Thanks for the song it's so dreamy =) Love it!

  2. Will I give away my age if I admit to having listened to Perry Como on tv many times growing up. I forgot how pleasant his voice was! Twyla