Monday, September 21, 2009

Drew thinks pink ...

... and comes up once more as the perpetual deb at the ball. I love Drew, she's girlish and gutsy at the same time. Sure, the top of this dress should have been brought in, and maybe the shade is just a hint too pale for her, but who cares? Drew is enjoying being Drew, who cares what the fuss budgets say?

The dress is Marchesa, and for me Marchesa's track record remains unbroken. I've never seen a Marchesa dress that wasn't at least a little bit "to die for", that's how lushly feminine they are -- without ever crossing the "overdone" line. The satiny, simple peach-pink clutch is old-style Hollywood and doesn't compete with the dress, just complements it.

Can you believe this is a woman who'll soon be starring in a movie about roller derby chicks? Hard to believe. She's a chameleon. Never did see her as Little Edie in Grey Gardens, but it's on the Netflix list.

If I ever get rich, thin and married again (ha, Ha and HA!) I will wear a Marchesa gown at my wedding. And ride off into the sunset on my new husband's motorcycle.

On a completely different note ... did anybody see The Emmys last night? I forgot it was on, and by the time I remembered it was too late. My favorite comedy show did win, however (30 Rock). And Alec Baldwin as best male lead in a comedy series, that made me happy as well. He may be lunatic fringe in real life, but on the show he's pitch perfect.

By the Hammer of Thor I cannot NOT laugh at 30 Rock! The writing is soooooo spot on. And Tina Fey's considerable talent is being put to good use. Yay for ladies in comedy.


  1. Drew was just in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival. (where I'm from). She died the last two inches of her hair jet black herself in her hotel bathroom.

    She looks exceptionally pretty in this peach dress.

    I saw some of the Emmy's last night. Doogie cracks me up. He has turned into such a handsome fellow.

  2. Yes, Drew did look peachy cool. Her co-star in Grey Gardens, Jessica Lange looked marvelous too, and made all the gals of a cetain age proud.


  3. I saw Drew's new part-black do on late night TV recently. Can't remember which show -- Dave Letterman maybe? Or Jimmy Fallon?

    That's the kind of thing very few people can get away with, but the cut was a blunt bob with bangs and it somehow went with that all-gray dress (?) she had on. It was reminiscent of the 80's for me (in a Vogue/high fashion-y sort of way). If nothing else ... she's Drew! She experiments, mixes things up, is young, has fun.

    Doogie -- he's the reason I really regret missing the Emmys -- he's got great comic timing and is the reason I watch "How I Met Your Mother" every now and then.

  4. What a beautiful dress! It is to-die-for, indeed. Classic, feminine, romantic, lush, sweet,--as pretty as pretty gets.

    I want to be a movie star in the next lifetime, so I can wear pretty gowns like that.

    (Don't we all?)

  5. Yes, Thirty Rock's collection of Emmy's proves they are classic comedy. I did watch the Emmys and was fascinated as always by the Red Carpet. Twyla