Friday, December 30, 2011

A glimpse of stocking was oh so shocking!

What IS it about legs, lovely legs?  

On a man or a woman, a well turned leg is a thing of great beauty.

(Yes, I'm a "leg woman".  A man with nice legs turns my head!)

The advantage women have in the "leg department" is stockings (which don't necessarily feel like an advantage, though they look good), and heels.  There's no denying the allure of an elegant shoe, one that accentuates the curvature of the instep, the contours of the female ankle and calves. 

All the great Hollywood sirens have known this -- and used it to their advantage.  With the possible exception of Katharine Hepburn, who did things her own way, and got away with it because she was inimitably and always gloriously herself

Whatever happened to showing "just enough" skin?  I'm tired of too much skin on TV, in the movies, on the street.  I think men's imaginations need a bit more mystery to work with.  Then again, I am old fashioned to the point where I'm thoroughly -- probably hopelessly -- out of step. 

Oh well ... nothing new there!


  1. I agree! Less is more when it comes to the amount of skin a woman shows. A bit of mystery is far more alluring than showing too much. Let the eye want for more.

    All of these vintage images are just beautiful. Those heels, in the last image, are so pretty! If only my feet would cooperate with such footwear. Alas, I must stick with wearing flats.

  2. You've spoken to my heart. I grew up "in this period" via my mom. All these magical images and charms were infused in me even though I was about two decades too late to actually participate. I'll never forget the day she showed me a pair of stockings (nothing remotely like today's products) that she'd saved from the 40's, in their original thin box mind you. They had a seam all the way up the back leg. Wow! She never mentioned the word sex or sexiness, but all and more was implied when you looked into her eyes and how she gazed at those amazing hose.
    All the flesh shown today takes so much away from the mystery which seems very sad. Thank you for a wonderful post!!!
    Oh, and she would have loved all the shoes shown.