Friday, December 30, 2011

Buttercup Bungalow gets a "Liebster Blog" Award!

Kim Grey of the ever-lovely lamb & blonde has just awarded Buttercup Bungalow a Liebster Blog Award!  "Liebster"  means favorite or beloved in German, and the award helps to draw attention to blogs that aren't too well known -- but should be!

My love of lamb & blonde -- and Kim's aesthetic / curator's eye -- are well established.  The world through Kim's gaze is a beautiful place, full of enchantment, elegance and beauty.  To be picked by her for a Liebster Blog Award is a REALLY big deal for me!

With the award comes the opportunity to pass it on to five other deserving blogs.  In no particular order, my selections are:

The sweet delights of home, crafting, cooking and kids.  Warms my heart. 

Unabashed romance from a beautiful dreamer.  A gal after my own dreams.

 Los Angeles through the eyes of a local artist.  She pulls me out of my reveries about the past and shows me that there is a whole lot of interesting stuff going on right here in the present day!

One woman's on-line inspiration folder.  Her decor vibe is "Romantic vintage, floral designs and a relaxed elegance". What's not to like about all of THAT?  Oh, and she lives by the sea in Ireland.  Sold!

A creative, a Corgi and a fascinating diary through divorce to the wide open world beyond. A wonderfully personal blog that reads more like a diary, with lots and lots of wonderful photos and quotes.  

Thank you all for sharing yourselves with the world!



  1. I'm touched by your kind words, Laurie, and I'm truly honoured to be both your friend and fellow lover of beauty. I have no doubt that we will continue to inspire one another for a very long time.

    I will definitely take a look at each of the blogs you've given a Liebster award to. They all sound lovely!

  2. Hi Laurie. Great blog you have and thanks so much for the award. I will follow it up. Thanks so much and you gave it to me on my birthday too!! Thks so much.

  3. I am touched by your kind words, Lori, and I am truly honored to be your friend and fellow lover of beauty. I have no doubt that we will continue to inspire each other for a long time.

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  4. Laurie.I finally got around to posting about the Liebster award! Thanks so much and I have linked back you at the fab Buttercup Bungalow.Sinead x