Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vintage wedding gift wrap.

I don't normally like a lot of 1970's designs, but this is lovely and perhaps reminiscent of Edwardian/Victorian influences:

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From the 1960's:  some of these brides look kind of "Mad Men", don't they?

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I'm guessing this is from the 1940's, though I can't be certain.  The shading around the bells gives it a suggestion of depth, and the little raspberry pink blooms fairly pop against the crisp white background:

via flickr

Looks mid-century to me ... late 50's/early 60's maybe?
This is a happy print!

via flickr

More mid-century (?) merriment. 

Maybe this first one is more of a wedding shower wrap (note the umbrellas).  I love the way the dresses and veils are drawn, there is so much movement in this design.

One word:  PINK!

Like brides and grooms floating on high in the clouds. 
Very dreamy! 

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