Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas memories ...

Another year, another Christmas come and gone.


My holiday was low key, a mid-day meal with friends and a modest exchange of gifts. I got a generous lot of pink cooking utensils, lucky me!   These from the "Cook for the Cure" lines from Kitchen Aid and Cuisinart. 

How was your day?

The Nor'easter/blizzard they've been buzzing about for days in these parts (Massachusetts) is finally at our doorstep.  Fourteen to TWENTY inches of snow when it's all over by Monday night!  So glad I don't have to go anywhere for the next 48 hours.

I'll be fine, so long as the power doesn't go out.  Life without electricity, I've found, is a lot less than romantic.

Happy Boxing Day, to visitors from Canada and the UK!

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