Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ballerina dreams ...

Did you have them, as a girl?  When I was very young I wanted be an ice skater, which is -- I suppose -- like ballet on ice. 

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When I became a teenager, however, I discovered the beauty of the ballerina for the first time.

Ever since, I have been enchanted by it.

Though not a dancer myself, I can almost feel in my own body the kinetic energy of the ballerina when I watch her perform.  And always, I admire her slim but supple carriage ...

Kim Joo-won
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... her fairy-tale costumes ...

The National Ballet of Canada

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... and the mesmerizing lines of her limbs, in motion and at rest. 

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The mere image of the slipper evokes a tangible grace.

I savor ballet-inspired fashion magazine features, as well.

Vogue (US)
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Vogue (US)
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Vogue (US)
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Vogue (UK)
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Vogue Girl
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Vogue (US)
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Vogue has done an especially fine job of this!

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I simply cannot imagine a day when the image of the classically trained ballerina will fail to stir my wonder and admiration.

She is, to quote Shakespeare, "such stuff as dreams are made on."


  1. There is something timelessly elegant about ballet, an almost other-worldly beauty which stirs the imagination.

    I used to make tutus for a ballet company. What a thrill it was to see those lovely tutus come alive on the graceful forms of the dancers! All the painstaking hours to construct them suddenly seemed worth it.

    Around age 5-6, I took ballet lessons. I was rather undisciplined, at that age, and I quit the class. But I did end up studying other forms of dance for over ten years, which I greatly enjoyed.

    Thank you for yet another exquisite and inspiring post, Laurie! I'll be swiping a few of these gorgeous images. :)

  2. Kim, thank you for another wonderful comment! I always feel so appreciated when I read your responses.

    :) Laurie