Saturday, September 3, 2011

A pretty post, just because I need to feel better ...

... and I always feel better after looking at images of great beauty!

I'm back from a professional conference (pertaining to my other blog), and I'm kind of crashing from the stress/high of that.  I'm prone to very blue moods anyhow, and things like this just make them worse.

Anyhow ... on with the posting!

I've always loved satin ribbon tied into big, swooping bows.  This hue is like a pale version of the famous Tiffany blue ... looks kind of like the inside of a flower at the center of the bow.

Funny how this post turned out to be a kind of "pink loves blue" one ... I hadn't intended that, but as always I am happy with that combination!

Hope you're having a satisfying day.


  1. I love the photos!!

    Cheer up, there are too many pretty pictures to stay sad for long :)


  2. I love these soft pastel images. They are cheering me up, too! Have a lovely day, Laurie.

  3. Hello! I have just finished a book about grieving and the gifts it can bring. I would love to use this photograph of the large bow for my cover. Please let me know. Thank you! Martha (702) 866-6682 or