Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Every woman needs a LBD ...

... Long Black Dress!

Indulge me in a fantasy post (I know, they're basically all fantasy by this point -- but isn't that half the fun?)


I openly declare my love of the allure of being utterly and completely (or very nearly) covered up.  And while we're at it, covered up in layers of rustling silk, chiffon, crinoline ...

Source: google.com via Laurie on Pinterest

... bold lace and a bit of crinoline ...

Source: vogue.it via Laurie on Pinterest

... gloriously composed in diaphanous swathes ...

Source: vogue.it via Laurie on Pinterest

... looking every bit the part of the woman standing at the edge of the sea at dusk, dark skirt billowing in the mist ...

Source: vogue.it via Laurie on Pinterest

... battling urban ennui in a declarative statement of a coat (here I AM!) ...


... or playing dress-up as a modern day slightly dark-sided Alice (drink this!), or a Little Woman Jo?
This is some kind of greatness.  Not quite costume, far more than merely clothing.  It exists somewhere in between.  Only on the runway, perhaps, or in the magazines.
But also very much in my imagination.  That may be the best place of all!
All images via my Pinterest boards.

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  1. Oooh, so moody and romantic! I agree, there is an allure to the vision of a woman who is covered, especially with gorgeous black fabrics, leaving much to the imagination.