Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Saturday with Audrey ...

Everything about Audrey Hepburn captivates me. 

Today I am "indulging in my Audrey" and flinging all sensibleness to the wind.  The romantic in me has for too long been quiet, while the do-er, the "reliable me" has held on tightly to the reins.  But it's time to dream and sigh and and luxuriate in the loveliness and escape.

It's time I had a break from reality!

Just cried buckets at the final "cat scene" in Breakfast at Tiffany's where she and darling Fred (can't bring myself to call him anything else) finally come together for keeps ... in the rain, with that (apparently very smelly) cat between them, cradled in their trenchcoats.

Ahhh, love. 


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  1. Anything having to do with Audrey I love! So thank you for this post ;) and ah, Sabrina such a wonderful Audrey movie with one of my favorite leading men; Bogie. Can't beat that combination!