Friday, June 4, 2010

Goin' to the chapel ...

Nobody does weddings like Martha Stewart's people ...

... nobody.

This delightful image, sourced via Wedding Obsession, is from a recent issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  I love the pale duck egg blue of the chairs and the soft, 20's style waves of the bride's 'do, the soothing symmetry of the photo.

Every once in a while I get into a "wedding groove".  I'm not getting married anytime soon, I've been there once and -- depending upon the appearance (or not) of Mr. Right-This-Time-Around -- I may or may not do it again.

But a wedding -- oooh, a wedding -- what a glorious occasion for CREATIVITY, for creating so many beautiful THINGS to share with other people!  A wedding is a glorious opportunity to pull out all the stops on the feminine, the fun, the fancy  (or the not-so-fancy if that's your fancy). 

I had great fun planning mine long-distance, with a Valentine's Day/Carousel theme back in '97.  Everything turned out quite nicely.  Wish I could say the same for the marriage, but que sera, non?

Life moves on.

I bought the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings today, and page for page, it is one of the most gorgeous editions of this -- or any other -- magazine I've seen in the longest time.  Even the ads are fabulous!  How many different incarnations of the perfect wedding dress can there be?  There's a riot of options, nearly every one of them perfect in their own way.

I'm so tempted to scan and post all my favorite images right this very moment, but as I've already spent most of the day slogging through the back log of e-mails for my other blog, for sanity's sake (and my vision) I'm calling it a day on the computer. 

Unless I watch something interesting (like an episode of Mary Tyler Moore) on Netflix. 

For now I'm going to go and rest my eyes on the snoozing form of my cat, taking in the last of the day's sunlight on the balcony.  Is there anything more peaceful than a dozing cat?

So lovely.  I just love that girl to little tiny pieces.

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  1. Love this image! You're right--weddings are magical!

    I noticed her 'do right away--LOVE that style! Wish I could pull it off!

    Hope you have a lovely, restful evening!